Alpine Holistic® in Saalfelden Leogang

The lifestyle + delight programme in the Salzburg region

Indulge your senses at the 4-star superior RITZENHOF HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE in Saalfelden Leogang, where ALPINE HOLISTIC® isn’t just a slogan: it’s the ethos that underpins everything we do. On the shores of Lake Ritzen in Saalfelden, and surrounded by the Salzburg region’s beautiful mountain scenery, every facet of nature is experienced in the cycle of the seasons. ALPINE HOLISTIC® conveys vitality in spring, summer, autumn and winter. ALPINE HOLISTIC®: an inexhaustible power source for holistic wellbeing based on the natural elements.

Helping you to achieve balance and harmony of body, mind and spirit is the objective of your holiday in the Salzburg region – and that’s precisely what our holistic and enjoyable lifestyle programme does on the firm foundations of three energising principles: ALPINE WELLNESS, ALPINE FITNESS and ALPINE CUISINE.


The 4-star superior RITZENHOF HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE is a place of serenity where design and architecture harmonise with their surroundings. Large windows create a light and airy ambience in which interior/exterior boundaries seem to merge. Nature is within reach, with Alpine lifestyle and casual luxury for mindful experiences in this family-run, 4-star superior hotel.

At 760m above sea level in the glorious landscape of the Salzburg region, with the natural biotope and source of spiritual strength that is Lake Ritzen on the doorstep, the RITZENHOF HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE province mirrors the ALPINE HOLISTIC® philosophy. This outlook is based on nature, tradition, ancient wisdom, sustainability, energy and care for ourselves and our natural resources. The hotel’s deep roots in the region, its people, the healing powers of nature, the times of day and seasons, meld into a symphony of the senses.

Alpine Holistic®

Enjoy life with all your senses

Regain self-awareness

Become aware of your own biorhythm

Live in harmony with the time of day as well as the seasons

Feel the magic of the mountains and the power of the elements

Take in the beauty of the moment with every breath


The region’s culinary heritage lies at the heart of our ALPINE CUISINE. Dishes are prepared with only the highest quality ingredients, and seasoned with the zest for life that is so noticeable everywhere at the RITZENHOF HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE. ALPINE CUISINE is seasonal food with added refinement and creativity.

Alpine Cuisine

Alpine Wellness

Relax, switch off, recharge – the common denominators: beauty and wellbeing. Whether your aim is to energise, unwind, harmonise or detoxify, the profoundly effective ALPINE WELLNESS rituals at the RITZENHOF SPA ON THE LAKE, enriched with natural Alpine products, are based on the power of nature.

Alpine Wellness

Alpine Fitness

The ALPINE FITNESS exercise and activity concept developed exclusively for the RITZENHOF is based on plenty of fresh air in the great outdoors. It’s not about breaking records, but about improving endurance, coordination and sensorimotor functions in the context of your own biorhythms. A new body awareness is the result of a wellness holiday in Saalfelden Leogang.

Alpine Fitness

‘The Ritzenhof is designed to offset the over-stimulation so prevalent today. We felt it was important for the architecture to promote a feeling of calm, free of distractions, to encourage a mindful approach to both our bodies and nature.’

Hannes Riedlsperger Sr.


Wellness and activity hotel in the Salzburg region

Gently rolling hills and rocky peaks. Shaded forests and a sunny bathing lake on the hotel’s doorstep. At around 760m above sea level, the RITZENHOF HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE is the perfect lifestyle hotel and an ideal starting point for outdoor pursuits: swimming, cycling, golfing and walking in spring, summer and autumn, and skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating in winter… 

The Ritzenhof’s interiors and outdoor areas exude an elegant purism that focuses on the essentials. The architecture, furnishings and décor are the visible expression of a holistic and sustainable attitude that permeates the entire hotel, from the lobby to the 72 rooms and suites. The SPA ON THE LAKE boasts a fabulous, 1,400sqm wellness area with an indoor pool, sauna world and a range of relaxation areas - both inside the SPA and outdoors, where guests have direct lake access.

ALPINE HOLISTIC® is the unique holistic activity and wellbeing concept developed by the RITZENHOF HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE in Saalfelden Leogang. With its three pillars – contemporary ALPINE CUISINE, tailored ALPINE FITNESS services and the unique ALPINE WELLNESS programme – the RITZENHOF concept focuses on equilibrium, balance and harmony for the mind, body and soul. ALPINE HOLISTIC creates a feeling of wellbeing that will continue long after even a short stay at the RITZENHOF HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE.